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Trane Guide to Selling Service Agreements

Motivating a national sales force to sell a new set of value-based services with training and tools.

How do you transition an established national services organization from simply selling “time and materials” services to delivering a clearly defined, value-based portfolio of service products? Old habits die hard, but working in close collaboration, LSP helped Trane through the evolution with an extensive sales activation effort. Starting with an assessment of the often-overlooked culture of the sales organization, we struck the right balance of activities to capture their attention and motivate sales professionals to sell new things in new ways. With LSP support, Trane Building Services doubled its business, breaking through the $1B revenue mark.

  • Guide to Selling Services, developed in close collaboration with Trane national sales leadership, provided the necessary training to change the sales mindset.
  • Customer-facing literature, promoting a portfolio of value-based service products.
  • Full proposal documentation, written and managed by LSP, provided detailed, contractual information.
  • Ongoing communication with the national sales team provided ongoing visibility during the long-term initiative.

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