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Johnson Controls Demo Tool

Creating industry awareness of a comprehensive, cloud-based building efficiency system with a comprehensive launch campaign.

Introduction of a new technology can be industry changing, but the adoption curve can be steep. Potential users (and before that, the people selling it) must have a solid grasp of how it works, and the benefits it ultimately will provide. For the introduction of this building efficiency software platform, LSP took a “show and sell” launch approach, featuring highly visual and interactive promotional/informational tools.

  • Demo tool allowing potential users to see how the software works while describing the benefits.
  • Flyers describing various levels of engagement available to users.
  • Video depicting “The Future of Building Efficiency,” describing what’s possible under the software’s industry-changing capabilities.
  • Local launch kit, featuring a comprehensive set of tools including invitations, banners, presentations and more. Supporting local sales offices’ efforts to introduce customers to the platform in an event setting.

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